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Ambulance: Webinars 2019
We have different job roles, practices, and challenges. But the risk of violence is one thing almost everyone has in common, even in peaceful settings.
Despite the potentially serious impact of violence, shared experience, resources and training available may be limited.
In 2016 and 2017, we documented 270 front-line incidents of violence thanks to the ambulance and pre-hospital emergency care workers from 70 countries, who signed up to our #Ambulance! Exercises.
This Spring, we are inviting you to join this global Community of Action for four webinars, during which you and other practitioners will share stories, dilemmas and insights to make access to health care and its provision safer and better protected.

Webinar 04 (Mar 13, 2019): What are the rights and responsibilities of healthcare personnel? Why is it important to know them?

Webinar 05 (Apr 10, 2019): How to face angry patients or their families: Sharing of experiences from the de-escalation of inter-personal violence.

Webinar 06 (May 8, 2019): The "ABC" of the security risk assessment in risk situations. A review of the avaialble tools, practices and how to adapt them into your own setting?

Webinar 07 (Jun 12, 2019): Mental health awareness: How do you recognize the signs of stress in yourself and in your team?

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