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Software Pricing Demystified - Q&A with Rich Mironov
Software is intangible: it doesn't have weight or size or per-unit manufacturing costs. But if we're in the software business, we have to assign units and prices that reflect our value to customers. And we should be mapping out pricing strategy before we start development, not the day before product launch.

With over 20 years in the software business, product Guru Rich Mironov has a wealth of experience and expertise on the subject of pricing software. Bring your questions about software pricing and ask them to a Silicon Valley veteran at this Business of Software Q&A.

Rich gave a talk on this subject at Business of Software Conference Europe 2019. You can view the talk (including video, slides and transcription) here: www.businessofsoftware.eu/2020/01/software-pricing-demystified-rich-mironov

All registrants will also receive 'Don't Just Roll The Dice; A Usefully Short Guide To Software Pricing', a free eBook by Neil Davidson (Founder, Redgate Software & Business of Software Conference).

Feb 20, 2020 04:00 PM in London

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Rich Mironov
Smokejumper Product Executive @Mironov Consultancy
Rich is a seasoned executive and serial entrepreneur – he has been the ‘product guy’ (as CEO/VP Product) at six startups. With deep technical roots in B2B infrastructure, SaaS and consumer online, Rich combines ‘what-we-can-build’ with ‘what-markets-want’. He has been relentlessly blogging, speaking, teaching and mentoring on software strategy, product management for two decades. Today he coaches executives, product management teams and agile organizations. He has spoken at BoS Conference before, always to rave reviews, on topics such as the Four Laws of Software Economics, Solving Your Real Roadmapping Questions and, The Art of Software Pricing Demystified. Rich has three big things he cares a lot about: Organizing the product organization. Cross-functional leadership. Building what users actually need. He wrote The Art of Product Management and is a voice for the scrappy entrepreneur in all of us.