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To Open Banking and Beyond: Developing APIs that are Resilient to Every New Initiative
With over 35 APIs involved in an average business transaction, API innovation is critical for every organisation. However, microservices and fast-changing components can quickly create overwhelming complexity for architects, developers, and testers. They produce complex arrays of API calls, often leading to QA bottlenecks – or, worse, business-critical systems that have been released with undetected flaws in their APIs.

APIs often also work with sensitive data, making it essential to remove risk from API releases. Otherwise, initiatives like Open Banking can turn from an opportunity to a compliance nightmare. The challenge is that the time available to test APIs is only becoming shorter, while the complexity of the systems is increasing.

API testing must become both more iterative and more granular. This webinar will show why enterprises across banking, retail, telecoms, and more are combining Model-Based Testing and API Test Automation to overcome API complexity. You will see how Test Modeller builds rigorous API tests automatically in-sprint, pushing them to API Fortress for execution. This approach enables QA teams to ensure that APIs deliver business value, building seamlessly on the skills and techniques they use today.

Key takeaways:
1. Organizations investing in APIs must maintain API resilience, reliability, performance, and security.
2. Companies can significantly decrease risk while accelerating releases by combining model-based testing with complete test data management.
3. Test Modeller enables model-based API test automation, using coverage algorithms to create functional and data-driven API tests.
4. Testers can reuse functional API tests in API Fortress as integration tests, load tests, and functional uptime monitors with unlimited deployment and no metered usage fees.

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Jan 30, 2020 02:00 PM in London

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