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How to Instantly Connect any Application to the Cloud: Use S3 Storage in Production
Unstructured data is growing at a rate of 62% per year. By 2022, 93% of all data in the digital universe will be unstructured, according to IDG.

LucidLink Filespaces is a cloud-native file service that enables high-performance data access over distance. LucidLink is built for high-capacity workloads, with massive data sets and files, that need data delivered efficiently and streamed on-demand. In this session, you will find out how to simply and instantly connect any application to the cloud and use S3 storage in production.

Join this webinar on Wednesday, May 29, 2019, at 1:30 pm, PDT to learn how Filespaces works with high capacity workloads and object storage to:

- Keep active data and long-term archive in the same location, optimize storage costs

- Enable legacy applications to interface with S3 storage, like a local disk

- Provide instant access to archived information, like the rest of your data

- Access backup data quickly, no more moving data between storage locations

Join David Bull, Director of Technical Sales, and Julie O’Grady, Director of Marketing as they discuss active archive, backup, and access to your data directly from where it resides.
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