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The Itchy Dog: A Practical Approach to Diagnosis and Management of the Atopic Canine Patient
Have you ever wondered about any of the following in the diagnosis and management of the atopic canine patient?
• Why atopic dogs can be managed or prevented from relapses , but not cured
• How to improve client compliance particularly in cases of relapse
• What are some common pitfalls in ruling out ectoparasites
• Why food does not resolve many of the allergic skin reactions that we face
• Why otitis externa is not a definitive diagnosis, but a clinical sign of atopic dermatitis

For the answers to the above questions, join us for a webinar with Dr. Carla Dedola, DVM, Dipl. ECVD

Dr Dedola is going to discuss the above problems and provide useful tips on:
• How to rule out food allergy in a fast and reliable way
• How to properly diagnose or rule out ectoparasite infestation
• How nutrition and omega fatty acids in particular can help
• Why restoring the healthy skin barrier is important
• How to manage secondary infections effectively
• Why atopic dermatitis requires a multimodal treatment approach and how to manage it in the long term
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