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Net Insight - Cloud Ingest Webinar Session 2 (04:00 PM CEST)
Thursday August 29 (30 min + Q&A)

As broadcasters journey for utilization of cloud resources in the production chain intensifies, a key challenge becomes reliably getting live content to and from cloud environments.

While the industry has gathered around the concept of retransmission, or ARQ, to reliably manage this move of content over unmanaged infrastructures, it has not gathered around a single technical implementation. In recent years however, two key technologies are emerging as counterweight to an otherwise fragmented landscape, namely Video Services Forum’s RIST (TR-06), and SRT Alliance’s SRT. But how do they stack up? Which one should I use? And more importantly, do I need both?

Join us in a webinar where we explore Internet transport in more detail, including:
• Industry trends
• Key use cases & technologies for internet transport
• An overview of RIST and SRT
o Comparison from a feature & functions perspective
o Performance evaluation
• Future outlook



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