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Wellbeing at Work [Part 3]: Resilience
Beyond pro-actively designing your work life for wellbeing, it’s therefore also important to learn a few skills to enhance your emotional strength. Or in other words: how to become more resilient — the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.
In this session, we'll do just that. Tapping into a methodology called "Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction" we'll help you learn the ways to be emotionally stronger and resilient to anything happening outside of your control.

For details of event, please click here: https://dreamplex.co/events/#emotional-strength-at-work-3

Apr 28, 2020 04:00 PM in Vietnam

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Daan van Rossum
Director of Experience @Dreamplex
Daan van Rossum is Dreamplex’ Director of Experience – which is a fancy way of saying that he cares about making your everyday experience at Dreamplex a positive one. Having the basics of happiness at work under your belt will hopefully contribute to that. Prior to working at Dreamplex, Daan worked as a marketing strategist for 15 years before finding Bright, the Vietnamese startup focused on inspiring happier lives. He’s a trainer, public speaker and certified life coach aiming to help everybody find their best lives.