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Batteries vs Oil: What will fuel the future?
Over the past decade a surge in lithium-ion battery production has led to an 85% decline in prices, making electric vehicles and energy storage commercially viable for the first time in history.

Batteries hold the key to transitioning away from fossil fuel dependence, and are set to play a greater role in the coming decade. Over the next ten years the energy storage market in the United States could grow to as much as $426 billion, and there are many ways to buy into the surge, including chemical companies, battery cell makers, car companies, solar companies and utility companies.

Key questions our distinguished panel will address:

• Is this the end of oil?
• With improving technologies, and the potential to reduce the amount of CO2 being vented into the atmosphere by power stations and engines, will oil be able to compete in parts of the marketplace well into the future?
• Will battery fuels generate a new type of energy geopolitics?
• How will the IOCs adapt to changing circumstances including on wider ranges of solutions: renewable and digital energy, energy storage, mobility and circular economy from venture capital investment perspective?
• What new technologies do we expect to emerge over the next decade?
• Who and how will finance battery fuels and associated infrastructure?
• What is the role of governments as regulators?


Mehmet Öğütçü, Chairman, The London Energy Club


Kristina Church, Senior Investment Strategist, Sustainability, Lombard Odier Asset Management

Ahmed Mehdi, Research Associate, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Andy Leyland, Head, Supply Chain Strategy, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Xin Ma, Managing Director, Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures


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