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Consent Techniques for Group Events
• Are you interested in leading your own cuddle events?

• Are you a yoga teacher, tantra instructor, dance teacher, intimacy coach or someone else who gives workshops that involve touch?

• Do you want to include touch at your event but worry about “incidents” happening?

• Would you like your workshops to attract more people?

You can learn the techniques to guide your event so that more people attend and everyone feels safe and has fun.

The best way to lead events that include touch is by using time-tested consent skills and tools.

Once you master these five techniques, you will be on your way to lead events that attendees flock to, talk about and recommend. And you'll really help people!

This is why I created the Five Consent Techniques webinar.

In this workshop you will:

• Learn just what to say so that attendees know you are “consent-positive”

• Discover how to empower your attendees so they know it’s okay to say “no”

• Learn how to model consent behavior so attendees follow your lead

• Practice consent exercises so that you can deliver them yourself

Through presentation, demonstration and Q&A, the Five Consent Techniques webinar guarantees an increase in your confidence as a teacher and gives you actions you can apply immediately to your next event.

Stop worrying about how your events will go and learn what you can do to minimize drama and maximize learning, delight and fun.


"...absolutely outstanding...excellent presenter, tons of takeaway. Loved."

"Very informative!"

"The material was super concise and and well prepared...The content should be considered nuts and bolts for any public event including touch."

COST: Free

Be sure to log in on time. I have TONS to share!

Apr 5, 2018 12:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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