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Our Last meeting on this book is today 9/9/20. Join Bill Free with guest Jenny Beal as we look at: Afterward by Bernardo Kastrup
Our last Wednesday for this book is at 12pm Eastern today 9/9/2020. Bill Free meets with Jenny Beal to discuss Rupert Spira's book The Nature of Consciousness with you.

Join Bill Free with guest Jenny Beal. Looking at Afterward by Bernardo Kastrup

This might be one of Rupert's most important collections of content and exploration that investigates and reveals the I AM Being directly and obvious in our own experience and understanding.

There was a strong pull to come back to this masterpiece as it has more to say and discover with fresh eyes and maybe a more open mind.

Thank you all who have joined with us before and if you are brand new we welcome you as well.
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