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Creating webinars that sell your consulting services
Are you stuck at a certain level with your consulting income? Do you want a quick easy way to get more consulting clients? Let's talk about how to level up your consulting with webinars.

If you want to get more clients, speaking gigs can help you. In this BRAND NEW webinar, I'll reveal secrets I've never shared before. We will talk about:
- What your business always needs, and we often ignore
- Secrets of how I get so many speaking gigs
- Becoming a better trainer and how that helps you sell
- Where people miss out in opportunities during speaking gigs
- How to make slides that keep people's attention
- Effects of the pandemic on people's attention spans, and how to creatively keep people engaged

We'll gather our shared knowledge, as well as the knowledge I'll bring from 13 years of nonprofit consulting. Why should you listen to me? I've gotten tens of thousands of dollars through virtual speaking gigs as well as in-person ones. See my speaking gigs here: https://mazarinetreyz.com/keynote-speaker/

Are you ready to create a webinar that sells in a persuasive way? Let's go! Sign up below.


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Mazarine Treyz
CEO @Mazarine Treyz LLC
Mazarine Treyz excels at motivating audiences to lead and question the status quo. With a been-there, done-that sense of clarity, she gets audiences excited about asking for more in their businesses, asking for more in nonprofits, human design, post capitalist futures, resisting work and more. She spoke to over 20,000 people from 2011-2021. She has 10 dynamic e-courses on fundraising & 3 books on careers, fundraising and marketing at WildWomanFundraising.com. She founded the Asking for More mastermind and podcast, currently working on the Nonprofit Consulting Conference August 2022.