Free Money Blocks Healing with Brigitte and Maartje
Free Money Blocks Healing with Brigitte and Maartje

Do you sometimes struggle with the topic of money?
Do you sometimes have trouble paying your bills or doing the stuff you WANT to do?
Do you feel you have a bigger purpose in life, but you are not stepping up because you are afraid you won’t make any money doing it?
Do you have trouble asking the right prices for your services? Or offering your services for a low price because you are afraid no-one will come?
Do you sometimes think of money as hard? Or do you sometimes wish money wasn’t even a part of our existence?
Do you want to break through your money ceiling?

We (Brigitte and Maartje) would LOVE to help you with this powerful Money Blocks Healing.
We are going to share with you what the biggest money blocks are.
AND we are going to shift the energy you have around these blocks with a powerful healing.

Some people say blocks are a load of BS. Just DO it, they say. Just take the actions you know you should take and the results will follow.
But we ALL have been there: you take the actions, and things are STILL not moving. And you end up feeling empty, depleted and frustrated.
It's like you are trapped in a negative energy field and you can't seem to move forward.

Stuck energy is a REAL thing, BUT it's also something that you can clear, and we are going to teach you how, in this free training and go over some of these blocks with you.

In the Money Blocks Healing we will tackle the 5 most common money blocks AND shift your reality around them:

1. The belief that you have to sacrifice and work hard to receive money.
2. The belief that there is a connection between the services you offer and the work you do and how much money you can receive.
3. The fear of losing money.
4. Seeing money as something OUTSIDE of you.
5. Putting money in the future (thinking it can’t come to you now because something has to happen FIRST before you can receive more money)

Apr 30, 2019 04:00 PM in Amsterdam

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