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Next Level CX: Exceeding Expectations in a World of Rapid Change
Customer needs are now evolving at an unprecedented rate and business success rests firmly in the need to prepare for the customer of 2022. Digital transformation is imminent, and the spotlight is on CX teams to not only meet, but exceed the evolving demands of modern consumers.

It’s time to push beyond surface-level insights to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and uncover what they want, dislike, value, and can’t live without. Tune in to learn how your organization can champion CX and exceed expectations.

• Gain the competitive edge: Discover how effective implementation of Voice of the Customer programmes can resolve friction in the customer journey, ensure you are exceeding the needs of your customers, and dramatically increase loyalty & retention.

• CX as the driving force: Experience is now the key brand differentiator for customers. In order to achieve customer-driven success, listen as our panel of experts outline the tactics, processes & tools which will continue to drive CX into the heart of business strategy.

• A multi-industry study: Customer experience transcends rigid industry silos. Learning from a diverse range of expertise & case-studies is critical to ensuring that your organization can overcome obstacles in the customer journey & drive actionable insights that will transform CX strategy.


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