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Fourteenth Annual Investment Treaty Arbitration: Keynote Address
Keynote Address by Lucinda A. Low (Steptoe): "The Difference Between Evolution and Revolution in Trade and Investment Dispute Settlement Mechanisms: Of Chaos, Crossroads, and the ‘R’ Factor”

With an introduction and Q&A moderated by Frédéric Sourgens (Washburn University School of Law)

JURIS Conference’s 14th Annual Investment Treaty Arbitration conference is "going digital." On June 23, 2020, we will hold a special Keynote Address–-the capstone event of this conference.

In her Address, Lucinda Low will address whether the systems (ISDS and WTO) are in chaos and in need of complete revamping, or whether there are more incremental reforms that could address the issues that have been raised about both systems throughout the conference. Ms. Low will argue that both systems--ISDS and WTO--are at a crossroads, and she will elaborate on a number of specific areas where system reforms could be implemented. Some proposed reforms, such as eliminating barriers to negotiated resolutions, will tie into topics covered in earlier sessions of the conference series, while others (such as consolidation) may be new to the discussion.

This complimentary Keynote Address is open to all; all who are interested may register. This Address will be live-streamed on JURIS's Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Keynote Speaker and moderator biographies can be found on the JURIS Conferences website: http://www.jurisconferences.com/2019/fourteenth-annual-investment-treaty-arbitration/

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