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News Masterclass Session 12: (Editorial) Newsletters For Journalists
Newsletters continue to be one of the most important tools for news organizations, with more and more media companies launching new offerings every month, and more reporters building their own email lists. So in this session, we’ll ask: What’s behind this trend, why invest in newsletters, and what should you be doing to drive growth, engagement, and revenue from newsletters? Dan Oshinsky will talk about the power of email, explaining why email is such a powerful tool for news organizations. He'll talk through rules for building great emails, and explain how to implement best practices to make sure your newsroom gets the most out of its email strategy, from creating new newsletter products to converting readers into paying supporters. And Sham Jaff will show how a newsletter could work over years by her own example ""What happened last week"".
This session will be held in English.
Dan Oshinsky, Consultant, Inbox Collective
Dan runs Inbox Collective, a consultancy that helps news organizations, non-profits, and brands get the most out of email. He specializes in helping organizations build loyal audiences via email and then converting that audience into customers, subscribers, or donors. He’s the creator of Not a Newsletter, a monthly briefing with news, tips, and ideas about how to send better email. He previously worked as the Director of Newsletters at both The New Yorker and BuzzFeed.
Sham Jaff, Media Founder
Sham Jaff is a Berlin-based journalist and political scientist. Since 2014, she has been writing the English-language newsletter ""What happened last week"", curating and editing key international news primarily from Africa, Asia and Latin America for her readership (more than 14,000 subscribers) from over 100 countries. She also hosts, edits, and produces many podcasts, among other projects. In 2021, Sham Jaff Jaff won the Grimme Online Award for her podcast "190220 - One Year After Hanau."
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