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Founders' Stories: Anthony Mansour, Playable | Tue 6 Oct midday - 12:30pm
Anthony Mansour loves product design and reckons focus groups aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Tune in today for insights on everything from the politics inside Silicon Valley accelerator hubs, to how formerly working at ‘3’ helped make a difference for global expansion of Playable – his global scaleup that’s using AI to create data-driven marketing videos.

Every Tuesday @ 12pm is Founders’ Stories:
Join us for fresh insights from those who’ve done ‘the hard yards’ and come out the other side. In these short lunchtime sessions they share candid stories about their biggest wins, recovering from setbacks and what they’re doing in a Covid-19 economy.

Anthony Mansour tends to keep busy. He’s just signed a deal with Shutterstock, has been simultaneously updating his platform and he’s about to give away 100 million free plays on Playable - a video platform for creating and launching video-based email marketing campaigns.

Today, he'll discuss his experience in Silicon Valley and why passion for product is king. He’ll also talk about the two models of product design that inform his strategy; and how younger people (don’t) follow instruction books.

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