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iEARN Virtual Project Exhibition
On December 12, 2019, iEARN-USA will host an iEARN Virtual Project Exhibition to showcase the inspiring project work and outcomes achieved by iEARN classrooms around the world. At this Virtual Project Exhibition, iEARN classrooms will present about their iEARN project work and final projects. Please join us to celebrate and learn about the outstanding work that is being done by classrooms around the world as they learn together and work to improve the quality of life on the planet!

EXHIBITION #1 - December 12th at 9:00am EST
Virtual Peace Education Camp - Tamar Lolishvili, Georgia
One Day in the Life - JoEllen Delamatta, United States
Cultural Package Exchange - Muhammad Khan, Pakistan
Water is Life - Juan Felipe Restrepo Mesa, Colombia
Finding Solutions to Hunger - Mary Brownell, United States
Machinto Project - Mustapha Behra, Morocco

EXHIBITION #2 - December 12th at 2:00pm EST
Medicine in My Backyard - Frederic Lim, United States
UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Anis Amouri, Tunisia
Earth Stewardship Project - Greg Reiva, United States
Don't Waste, Create - Daniyal Shah, Pakistan
One Day in the Life - Ali Hamdani, Algeria
International Book Club - Fay Stump, United States and Palestine
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