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COVID-19: Addressing Family Concerns for Children With Cancer and Survivors
Join the Max Cure Foundation's Executive Director, Jonathan Agin, on Wednesday March 25, 2020 at 12:00 noon ET, for a conversation with childhood cancer survivor Greg Aune, MD, Ph.D from UT Health San Antonio.

Dr. Aune will discuss the issues facing families who have a child in treatment as well as survivors under the fog of COVID-19. An open conversation of practices to keep in mind, how to navigate getting treatment now, what you should do if you have to take your child to an ER, what survivors must know, etc. With so much uncertainty right now, this webinar is meant to provide a little bit of comfort to families, caregivers and patients alike. There will be some time in the end for questions.

With the threat of infection from the COVID-19 virus, Dr. Aune knows first-hand how scary this possibility can be. As a result of the treatments he underwent for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Dr. Aune’s cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary system sustained damage and as a result he counts himself among the high-risk population that social distancing measure are designed to protect.

This is an open forum webinar where views will be able to submit questions to be answered by the panelists.

(Note, this is not for the purposes of providing medical advice and none will be given. You must always consult your treating physician for any medical advice).


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