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APAC Regional Webinar: Insights into Quantitative Investing in an Evolving World
• Investing in the theme of populism: This market rally is a good example. In the past, people used Bloomberg data to make investment decisions. Going forward, they will use, for example, social media and other alternative data sources. Case: A Canadian pension plan using the aggregate trade data of South Korean housewives. Is Facebook the new Bloomberg? If so, is AI the new Graham & Dodd?

• Family office (FO) have become the emerging innovators in the financial sector. They are unregulated and are becoming smart, but can they become truly disruptive? Is there a technology path to virtualize the FO model? In terms of ongoing innovation, they are the new pension plans of our time. Professor Seco will provide a vision of how family offices will be managed, especially with a quantitative edge. He will explain the “Amazon model” and the “Washington Post model” of providing information to family offices, as well as the “family office in a box.” For such a data-advanced region as Asia, the question is not if but when. He will also explain how this model will be copied throughout the world.

• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applied with ESG/impact investing: ESG and impact investing is still murky. Is your ESG fund of high quality and purity, or is it just pretending? It’s the data that will prove its worth. ESG is an example of an investment objective that is difficult to quantify, but AI is good at dealing with things that are hard to quantify (self-driving cars, for example). Is ESG + AI really the paradigm of a disruptive self-driving investment process?

Luis Seco
CEO, Sigma Analysis & Management

Session Chair:
Qi Wang, CFA
Founder and Managing Director, MegaTrust Investments

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Sep 23, 2020 06:30 PM in Hong Kong SAR

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Luis Seco
CEO @Sigma Analysis & Management
Luis Seco is a professor of mathematics at the University of Toronto, where he is the director of the Mathematical Finance Program and of RiskLab, a center for research and development activities for the financial services sector. He is co-founder, president, and chief executive officer of Sigma Analysis & Management. Professor Seco’s research has included a number of topical issues, starting with alpha–beta separation for hedge funds in the early 2000s; moving to managed accounts, transparency, and risk control; and more recently covering fees, fund expenses, and performance. He is the director of Fields-CQAM, the innovation and incubation laboratory of the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, and is a frequent lecturer on family office management, big data, and investment strategies. Professor Seco has written numerous papers on financial risk management, investments, and market models and has won a number of research awards.
Qi Wang, CFA
Founder @MegaTrust Investments
Qi Wang, CFA, is the founder and general manager of MegaTrust Investments, an employee-owned, boutique manager specializing in Chinese equities. He has over 23 years of experience in global and Chinese equities. Previously, Mr. Wang was head of China Index Research at MSCI Inc., where he and his colleagues produced ground-breaking research on factor investing (smart beta) for the Government Pension Investment Fund of Japan. In addition, he has served as chief investment officer at China Everbright Limited. Mr. Wang has also served as an investment director and portfolio manager at hedge fund manager Elliott Advisors and as an equity research analyst at UBS AG. He began his career as a financial analyst in the Global Investment Research Department of Goldman Sachs & Co. Mr. Wang graduated from Colby College with a double major in mathematics and computer science and received an electrical engineering degree from Dartmouth College.