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ENDONASAL RHINOPLASTY V: "Selection of endonasal approach - Deformity based"
This webinar series is designed to portray the unique characteristics of the endonasal rhinoplasty operation and its fundamental differences with open rhinoplasty concepts.
As selection of scientific programs is increasingly determined by webinar attendance in the post-covid era, a substantial degree of interest in endonasal concepts is being unmasked: This endonasal webinar series has attracted up to 1052 and never less than 550 attendees per session.
The present webinar gathers experts to specifically discuss which endonasal approach to best select for which deformity. Discussion will be case - based and focused. Total duration is 180 minutes. Panelists: Mark Constantian, Fred Fedok, Oren Friedman, Holger Gassner, Norman Pastorek, Abel - Jan Tasman.
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