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We Are All Children of God - creating intergenerational church Online, In-Person, and Hybrid
How do we create church (not just worship) where all ages are truly invited? How do we do this online? in person? hybrid? Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me." In this directive, we are called to create church that leaves no one distanced or left out from learning about and experiencing the love of Jesus. This webinar will explore some of the opportunities churches have to engage people of all ages in the life of the community. We'll look at worship models, community standards, and safety measures meant to create space, both online and offline, for congregants to come together and practice faith in the ancient way of intentionally intergenerational community.

Bio - Rebecca Stevens-Walter is a Renaissance woman with expertise as a musician, theologian, teacher, coach, and pastor. Rebecca has crafted her musical education and pastoral sensibilities into a ministry that serves a diverse and dynamic community. Using story, song, and prayer, Rebecca teaches that worship can and should be intergenerationally engaging without being heady or simplistic.

Rebecca graduated from Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York in 2017. Having studied under the late Dr. James H. Cone, her academic work culminated in the first-ever academic text and corresponding liturgy that addresses the study of children's liberation theology. Intended as an addendum to black liberation theology, children's liberation theology holds the assessment that God is on the side of the oppressed and seeks to liberate those whom society has placed in mental, emotional, or physical slavery.

Rebecca is certified for ordination in the New York City Presbytery. She currently serves the First Presbyterian Church Brooklyn as the Minister for Intergenerational Culture and Children, Youth, and Caregivers. She also hosts a robust ministry on medium, youtube, instagram, and tiktok.

Rebecca has two beautiful children and an incredibly supportive partner. They live in Midwood, Brooklyn


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