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Developing a leadership mindset: The journey from operations to supervisor thinking
Often people who are good at their jobs at the operations level are promoted to supervisory positions without much thought about how to equip them for success in the new role. The mentality of “sink or swim” has proven contrary to how people actually learn on the job. So what can you do to up skill your supervisors? What can you do to assist supervisors with transitioning from hourly, operational thinking to salaried leadership thinking? What if YOU are the supervisor who needs to develop these skills?

Supervisory leadership expert Marie Gervais, will show how using strategies for leadership thinking, people and organizational focus questions, and on-the-job diagnostic coaching, can effectively equip supervisors to build the skills and confidence to take charge and lead their teams more effectively.

Participants will:
• Understand the difference between operations thinking and management thinking
• Use two people and organizational strategies for supervisory competence
• Apply on-the-job coaching strategies to team coaching learning opportunities

Feb 21, 2019 10:00 AM in Edmonton

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Marie Gervais
PhD., CEO @Shift Management
Marie Gervais, PhD, CEO, Shift Management specializes in helping employers train their supervisors to lead, get their workplace learning online and interactive, coach for performance, and conduct team assessments to figure out who to promote and how. She has a background in integration of internationally trained individuals to the workplace and has supported over 100 businesses in their efforts to hire, retain, support and promote their diverse employees. She has won awards or excellence for her online courses and is a published author in several industry magazines.