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Everything you need to know about open and secure travel marketplaces
Travel distribution has evolved faster in the last two years than it has the past two decades.

At the heart of this change is the adoption of open marketplaces, driven by distributed ledger technology.

This fundamentally different way of looking at the ecosystem that connects suppliers, intermediaries and consumers is becoming more than just a theory, with hotels and airlines understanding the benefits to their business models and the all-important considerations around security.

This free webinar, provided by PhocusWire and Winding Tree, is your chance to understand how the distribution model is changing and how players across the industries are seizing the opportunity to think in a new, deeper and more secure way.

Key takeaways:

1) Learn how to promote innovation by opening up your APIs to the worldwide developer community.
2) Understand how open marketplaces enhance data security through distributed ledger technology.
3) Speed up settlement times and reduce costs through cutting edge platforms.

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