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Online Meetup. Traefik: Ingress Controller for Kubernetes at Visa
Everyone says how confusing or challenging navigating the myriad of services and routing from outside to Kubernetes is. Though, the concept of Kubernetes ingress has solved a lot of challenges.

Join Swapnasagar Pradhan, Staff Engineer at Visa, for this online meetup where he will describe benefits in the DevOps process by leveraging Traefik as k8s-ingress and how it stands with it's mainstream controller implementations.

In this Meetup, you'll learn:
- What's Traefik and it's pros and cons.
- Different patterns for external load balancers
- How new version simplifies the routing configurations for dynamic environment.
- Tour of the usage and benefits of Traefik on k8 as ingress including demos.

About the speaker:
Swapnasagar Pradhan, Staff Engineer at Visa
Twitter: @p0906swap
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