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UMTRC Webinar: Remote Patient Monitoring: A Scalable and Sustainable Model
Deaconess Health System had been an early adopter of remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology when it was first introduced a decade ago, but manual data extraction left the impact of the program difficult to quantify. Reviving and rethinking the program, Deaconess was able to use a data driven approach to identify the right patient population and cut their readmission rate in half. Patient-friendly equipment led to excellent engagement and a 95% satisfaction rating. Using an integrated platform with dashboards and reporting, the program’s ROI and sustainability was easy to quantify.
Allison Flowers, RN;
Alli Flowers has led the Telehealth Department at Deaconess Health System since 2018. As the Telehealth Clinical Manager, she oversees the day to day operations of Remote Patient Monitoring, TytoCare and all other Telehealth initiatives for the health system.

Amanda Bohleber, MD
Dr. Bohleber has led Telehealth efforts at Deaconess Health System since July 2015.
As the Chief Transformation Officer, she oversees Practice Transformation and is the system Director for Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring.

3 Learning objectives
1. Recognize applications for Remote Patient Monitoring at your organization
2. Categorize patients as good candidates for Remote Patient Monitoring
3. Identify key data points to communicate ROI for your program

Jul 30, 2021 12:00 PM in Indiana (East)

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