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Conversation Matters #1 - C. Christopher Smith - Free Webinar
Conversation Matters:
Learning to Talk Together in Our Local Churches

Featuring C. Christopher Smith,
Author of the new book
Recovering the Practice of Conversation in the Church

In Western Culture in the 21st century (and especially in the US), it is widely accepted that we do not know how to talk well with others, and especially others whose beliefs and background differs from our own. Author C. Christopher Smith has been part of a congregation that has been learning to talk together, and work together, over the last quarter century. His experience, and that of other congregations across North America that are learning to converse together, has convinced him that one of the most important things that a church can do for its own life and health and that of culture-at-large is to learn to talk together.

In this FREE webinar designed for church leaders (both clergy and laity), Chris will overview his new book HOW THE BODY OF CHRIST TALKS, which offers guidance for churches that want to develop practices of conversation. He will also offer ample time for Q/A about why conversation matters to churches.
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