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Does Science Reveal the Mind of God? (Moot Points)


Jun 14, 2021 07:11 PM

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Stephen C. Meyer
Dr. Stephen C. Meyer received his PhD from Cambridge University in the philosophy of science. He directs the Center for Science & Culture at Discovery Institute in Seattle and authored the New York Times bestseller Darwin’s Doubt and Signature in the Cell, a (London) Times Literary Supplement “Book of the Year”.
James Croft
Dr. James Croft is the Senior Leader of the Ethical Society of St. Louis, one of the largest Humanist congregations in the world. He holds an MA from Cambridge and an EdD from Harvard, where he studied the philosophy of education and human development. James’ writing on philosophy, science and culture can be found in academic journals, magazines, and in his newsletter “Being Human.” James was raised on William Shakespeare, Carl Sagan and Star Trek, and lives in St. Louis with his fabulous drag queen husband Kolten.