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Holochain for an Economy of Abundance
A Thriving Community Solutions / Arthur Brock Dialogue on Human-Centric Community Development
Conference rebroadcast with live Q&A session with Ruth Glendinning & David Armstead
Thriving Community Solutions (TCS) convened and sponsored a dialogue with Arthur Brock, a founding leader of the Holochain crypto movement, on 22-24 May 2018. A number of people from different sectors, that included tech, community development, law, business, and creative professions, attended this invitational event.

Titled, “Holochain for an Economy of Abundance,” the first day was focused on Holochain and community systems, day two explored the platform related to financial systems, and day three, crypto-digital systems. Each day wove together a series of formative questions, talks, group interactions and exercises, and a deep dive by Arthur into the inner workings of the platform for those technical developers in attendance.

The context for this convergence was to explore the emergence of local human-centric community development and the state of emerging digital technologies, particularly Holochain, to enable it. This came from the realization that both the TCS and the Holochain organization share an awareness which lies at the root of the human experience: the whole point of local community and commerce (i.e. – the ‘mission’) is to assure thriving within the member households of that community.

This shifts the focus of community development away from the usual concerns for jobs creation, workforce improvement, and improved business margins, onto the new concerns for family and household thriving. In other words, it places concern for the production of human thriving above concerns for existing or emerging business interests. It says to local leadership: the mission of local business and commerce is the production of thriving households.

This realization underlies the work of TCS and Holochain projects, as it also underlies the career work of the principals of both organizations. Fu

Jun 11, 2019 05:00 PM in London

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