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We are at a crucial crossroads. What we do can determine the future.  Trump has been impeached and faces a Senate trial over removal. Now is the time for determined struggle by the people to go all the way to demand: Trump/Pence #OUTNOW!
#OutNow Wednesday Webinar: Live from D.C.
#OutNow Weekly Webinar

Day Two of Senate Impeachment Trial hear from #OUTNOW movement volunteers who answered the Call to be in D.C. demanding Trump/Pence #OUTNOW during impeachment trial. They'll be sharing what they are doing, what they are learning and how YOU can be involved.

As the Senate impeachment Trial begins, the power of the people demanding Trump/Pence #OutNow could change the whole equation.

In this tumultuous moment, with the eyes of the world on D.C., will there be a growing force on the ground, exercising the power of the people to demand Trump/Pence #OutNow! As this trial unfolds in unpredictable ways, if there are growing numbers of people protesting and speaking out, letting the world know the truth: that Trump is a imminent threat to humanity, that we can’t rely on elections to stop a fascist regime like this, but must take to the streets in mass, sustained, nonviolent protest… THAT could make all the difference.

Imagine if people flooded the streets of D.C… and kept coming back again and again. At a time like this, our actions can help create the crisis that forces this nightmare regime from power. Let’s seize the moment and the spotlight, and make history. If not us, who? If not now, when?

Join the #OutNOW movement RIGHT NOW:
Protest outside Trump’s Trial: Starting Tuesday January 21, 12:00 pm at the Capitol (near 1st St. SE and East Capitol St. NE)
Donate and raise funds to support and grow these protests! Venmo Refuse-Fascism
Organize sister protests this week
Spread the word on social media to come to D.C. Twitter @RefuseFascism | Facebook.com/RefuseFascism

You can also participate via Facebook Live Facebook.com/RefuseFascism
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The #OutNOW movement joined January 2020 NYC Protest demanding NO War on Iran
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Sunsara Taylor
Editorial Board, RefuseFascism.org; writer, revcom.us @RefuseFascism.org