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AWS Virtual Summit April 28
Ten experts from Amazon Web Services (AWS) discussed the latest developments around Cloud, Security, DevOps, AI/ML, Containers/Kubernetes, Application Migration, IoT, Analytics, Database Architecture, Data Lake and more.

You can select and watch videos of each individual presentation, plus download slides, at https://www.angelbeat.com.

If you log in with Zoom, there is only one (lengthy) video of every session.

You can attend for the full day, or login at a specific time and listen to those topic(s) of greatest interest. Presentations are recorded for future viewing. There are two $100 gift card raffles, in the middle and at the end of the summit.

9:30 Angelbeat CEO Ron Gerber Introduction and Opening Comments

10:00: Raise your Cloud Security Posture with AWS Infrastructure and Services
Steve Woodard, Enterprise Solutions Architect

10:40: Controlling Programmatic Access to Data for Security and Efficiency
Nicholas Walsh, Cloud Technical Evangelist

11:20: Microsoft Workload Solutions on AWS
Andy Hopper, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect

12:00: Application Migration
Gurram Mahesh, Technology Evangelist

12:40: Lunch Break, then AWS Partners/Summit Sponsors 10 Minute Introduction
12:50 CloudHealth
1:00 Datrium
1:10 Spectralogic
1:20 Nasuni
1:30 Aviatrix

1:45: Cloud-Native Application Reconfiguration/Modernization plus Containers/Kubernetes
Emil Lerch Principal Cloud Consultant

2:30: Internet-of-Things (IoT)
Dr. Lorraine Bassett, PhD Worldwide IoT Strategist

3:10: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
Kunal Batra Senior Developer, Technical Evangelist

3:50: Data Analytics
Gurram Mahesh, Technology Evangelist

4:30: Reinforcement Learning with DeepRacer
Amardeep Chudda, Solutions Architect

5:10: Data Lake: Flexible Storage and Analytics Across Multiple Data Types
Kiran Kuppa Senior Cloud Solution Architect

5:50 AWS Partner/Summit Sponsor 10 Minute Introduction
5:50: Extreme Networks

6:00 Closing Comments by Angelbeat CEO Ron Gerber
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