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Billing Training Webinar (Session 2)
PracticeSuite has organized daily webinars for its clients to provide training on the use of Billing Software.

Tuesday 9 am EST

Section I - 50 Minutes

The Webinar will contain the following:

Patient Adding Prior Authorizations
Revisit Case screen
Overview of Charge Screen
Entering an Insurance Charge (with/without an appointment)
Entering a Cash Charge
Repeat bills - Copy Last Charge
Batching and Submitting claims
Batch Summary - View File acceptance status
Printing/Reprinting Paper claims
How to rebill multiple claims for a patient or insurance or other if necessary (Print/Rebill screen)
Review Claim Log report - Batched claims and clearinghouse response
How to review clearinghouse response status - Relay Health Connect Center
Editing Posted Charges
Explanation of Line Status - Bill to PR, Claim Sent to PR, Bill to PT or GR etc.
Adding a Patient Statement Remark
Line Activity and adding a line note
Voiding Charges
Adjusting off from the Edit Charges screen
Run report to review any posted charges (Summary Encounter Line Activities Report)
Appointment - Charge Reconciliation (Unbilled appointments - Superbill Tally Report)
Generating Patient Statements
View Statement History for a Patient or for a date
How to setup a patient for "Do Not Send Statements"
Charge Entry - Auto Copay Posting
Entering Patient Payment (Patient screen)
Viewing On Account (Unapplied) Payments
Search Payments
Refund unapplied amount on payment
Add Payments
Insurance Payment Posting
Denial Posting
Denial Report
Patient payment posting
What to do if an open charge does not appear for Posting.
Using Mass Posting (Quick Patient Payment Posting)
ERA Posting workflow
Payment Reports
Unposted Payments in ERA - ERA Detailed Report
Running a Deposit Report
Posting Details Report
On Account Payment Report
Other Important Reports
Adjustment Report
Daily/Month End Close Report etc.
You can choose to attend one or more of following webinars.

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