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The Electrified Engine for a Sustainable Future
The Future of the Internal Combustion Engine Webinar Series, Presented by ASME’s ICE Division.

Although electrification will continue to rise as we move toward a low-carbon transportation future, the internal combustion engine will remain at the heart of powertrain systems for years to come. In fact, the marriage of electrification and combustion allows engineers to unlock efficiency and emissions benefits that are not possible with conventional powertrains. From electrified engine components to hybrid electric vehicles, the electrified internal combustion engine will both survive and thrive in the light-duty and heavy-duty sectors for decades.

This webinar will include talks from two distinguished directors at Southwest Research Institute: Terry Alger and Charlie Roberts. A Q&A session will follow, allowing the audience to ask questions about the future of the electrified engine in a low-carbon society.


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