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Stop letting the job take over your life masterclass with Emma Dechoux
Many people find themselves with long work hours and large workloads and on the verge of burnout, especially if you’re working from home as the lines between home and work life have become blurred. It can be challenging to let your career take precedence over everything in your life, which, of course, isn’t healthy. You can; however, take several steps to make sure you have a healthy work and home life balance.
Join us for this session where Emma Dechoux takes us through some tips of how we can find our true selves again and not become a slave to the grind!
Emma Dechoux inspires you to achieve results through her coaching, workshops and programmes. As the founder of Inspired Learning, she is predominantly known for the work that she does to develop Leaders with a focus on emotional intelligence, mindset and motivating teams.
Emma’s career began in a sewing factory on piece work and over the last 20 years has progressed to being a Learning & Development Professional, leading a Recruitment Team of 75 and heading up a Women’s Network Group in an organisation with 80,000 people. She lives in Cheshire with her partner and 2 dogs and being half French, she’s a bit of a wine connoisseur.

Sep 22, 2021 07:00 PM in London

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