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‘Mentoring’ in Nation Building
With less than about two decades remaining to becoming the world's youngest nation, there is a desperate need to maximise the potential of India’s demographic dividend. Enabling the youth who are our biggest resource, developing in them a sense of purpose, employment competence and life readiness can produce a generation of intelligent and skilled candidates with the right attitude to lead the nation. We at ‘Teach To Learn’ realise that besides academic knowledge and technical skills, it is imperative to inculcate life skills and provide opportunities to develop the personalities of students right from school age. Our education models therefore use peer-peer mentoring as the key mechanism where graduate students from premier higher education institutions (like IIT Madras) of the country mentor rural school students in different capacities. While Mentees (Rural School Students) gain knowledge, skills and feel motivated to dream big, the Mentors (Premier Institute Graduate Students) also develop a sense of social responsibility. We hope such connections can strengthen the human capital of a growing economy.
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