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Advance Your Lab’s Analytical Capabilities with Closed-Vessel Microwave Digestion
Open-vessel, conventionally heated digestion has been used to process samples for metals analysis for decades and is still used today. Though it works well for many applications, it does have its limitations. Learn how you can expand your lab’s metals capabilities by adding closed-vessel microwave digestion to your lab’s sample prep process. We will review its benefits, how it can help your lab digest and analyze a wide array of matrices more effectively, and even expand your capabilities to accommodate new applications.

Learning Objectives:
* Learn the advantages of closed-vessel microwave digestion over open-vessel techniques

* Learn how closed-vessel digestion can lower your analytical blank, shorten digestion times, and provide superior digestion quality

* See how using this technology can help expand your lab’s capabilities, both in sample types and applications

* See examples of lab’s like yours who have made the transition from open to closed-vessel digestion

Who should attend summary:
* Testing laboratories using techniques other than closed-vessel digestion to prep samples for metals analysis

* Contract laboratories looking to diversify the industries they serve for metals analysis


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