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June Network Analysis Webinar
In this month’s webinar, I will be covering a number of topics surrounding the transport of data across WAN links. We will look at the impact of latency and packet loss on data throughput and how to analyze that traffic using Wireshark. From a physical level, I’ll be talking about MPO/MTP cabling and connectors as well as looking at how we can quickly test it.

Topics for this month:

MPO/MTP Cables, Connectors, and Testing
Using iPerf to measure TCP and UDP throughput and packet loss
Sending traffic with the Apposite TrafficJam
Impairing WAN traffic with the Apposite Linktropy WAN Emulator
Analyzing WAN traffic with Wireshark

At the conclusion of the webinar attendees will have a good idea of how WAN traffic is impacted by various impairments, what to analyze that traffic and what to do to make it better.

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