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Wellbeing at Work [Part 1]: Finding Your Purpose
Studies show that having a clear purpose in life can help you live longer. Simply knowing why you do what you do, helps make every day (at work or otherwise) more meaningful. You'll change your perception of the job you're doing and feel less stress and anxiety. As a result, you're scientifically proven to live longer.

But what is purpose exactly? And how do I find mine? That's the topic of this one-hour interactive session on Purpose at Work. You'll learn the basics behind why purpose matters, and spend time crafting your Ikigai – a Japanese concept that helps you find your "reason to get up in the morning."

For details of event, please click here: https://dreamplex.co/events/#find-your-purpose-3

Apr 7, 2020 04:00 PM in Vietnam

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Daan van Rossum
Director of Experience @Dreamplex
Daan van Rossum is Dreamplex’ Director of Experience – which is a fancy way of saying that he cares about making your everyday experience at Dreamplex a positive one. Having the basics of happiness at work under your belt will hopefully contribute to that. Prior to working at Dreamplex, Daan worked as a marketing strategist for 15 years before finding Bright, the Vietnamese startup focused on inspiring happier lives. He’s a trainer, public speaker and certified life coach aiming to help everybody find their best lives.