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Taking Urgent Strides to Accelerate the Embodied Carbon Emissions Learning Curve
Close to 40% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from building operations and building materials and construction. 28% of the global building sector emissions is embodied carbon versus 72% building operation emissions. As building operations are anticipated to become more efficient, the global embodied carbon share is expected to rise further.
There is a way to go to achieve zero embodied carbon emissions in building design and construction. There are challenges to be tackled when it comes to upfront carbon, use stage embodied carbon and end of life carbon as well as other areas within the life cycle assessment. These challenges include education and knowing how and where to select the correct materials. Further education is required to get building designers and constructors, manufacturers and building owners agree on the right set of strategies to achieve low to no embodied carbon emissions.

The panel will discuss:
·Education: how to implement embodied carbon into a strategy or project for decision makers, construction organisations, suppliers, building owners, material specifiers, architects and the design community
·Design and build environment: developments on sourcing, manufacturing and implementing low-no carbon materials on all aspects of new and retrofitted buildings
·Developments on software tools that support designers, constructors and manufacturers with achieving low to no carbon emissions

Confirmed Speakers:
·Brent Trenga - Director of Sustainability, Kingspan
·Ryan Welch - Principal, KieranTimberlake
·Ben Stanley - Senior Consultant, Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change, WSP
·Stacy Smedley - Executive Director, Building Transparency and Director of Sustainability, Skanska

Sponsored by: Kingspan

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