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Immigrant Connection 101
Join IC's National Leadership for an hour call.

During the first 15 minutes we'll give you best practices in talking/teaching/preaching about immigration and immigrants from a Biblical perspective, during the next 15 minutes we'll talk about Immigrant Connection as a movement (our history, mission, vision, and impact), then we'll take 15 minutes to talk about various ways to partner with and join Immigrant Connection, and finally there will be time to answer any questions anyone has (related to Immigrant Connection, or immigration, or immigration legal services, etc).

This will be an impactful hour that will leave you inspired to take your first or next steps along the welcome journey!
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Zach Szmara
National Director @Immigrant Connection
Zach Szmara is the National Director of Immigrant Connection. He has been a Department of Justice accredited legal representative since 2014 and has served over 2200 immigrants from 100+ nations in the 7 years he has led his local Immigrant Connection site. He also serves as the pastor of The Bridge Community Church – a multilingual, multicultural, multiethnic church in Logansport, Indiana. He has spoken nationally on the topic of immigration, diaspora, multi-cultural/multi-ethnic diversity, and holistic outreach to immigrants and refugees. He is married to Lyndy, a special education administrator, and they have one son, Isaac.