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ChangeNugget Session #3: The Hidden Magic of Enhanced NLQ: Noticing, Listening, and Questioning
Busy professionals today have short bursts of time and energy available for dipping into new subjects, and the short (20 minute) ChangeNugget Webinars offer bursts of actionable learning in a convenient format. Over the coming year, we plan to offer a live monthly online experience in short chunks in which we explore the key shifts for change mastery.

The third ChangeNugget session focuses on "Hidden Magic of Enhanced NLQ: Noticing, Listening, and Questioning.” Executive coaches get paid hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars an hour to help members of the C-suite (CEO, CFO, CTO, etc.) become more authentic leaders, largely through the power of enhanced noticing, listening, and questioning (NLQ). Learn how to tap into this powerful, and surprising, way of communicating in this engaging ChangeNugget.
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