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Winemaking Practices Influenced by Grape Source and Variety w/ Denise Gardner
Both grape source and variety can influence the way a wine is produced. Winemakers often note this anecdotally, creating slightly different production protocols for wines produced from Western-fruit versus locally grown fruit. The grape source determines the wine’s chemistry. Ultimately this affects wine color, aroma and flavor, microbiology, and cold stability. Winemakers can alter production practices based on the wine’s chemistry to produce a better quality wine. Nonetheless, many types of grapes can produce good wines. Join Denise Gardner as she discusses her observations associated with wines produced throughout the U.S., reviewing winemaking production practices affected by the source of grapes, as well as styles of wines that can be created from various V. vinifera and hybrid varieties.

This presentation will cover:

· How the source of grapes influences your winemaking practices.

· Production trends associated with Vitis vinifera varieties grown in Michigan vs. those grown in Western states.

· Chemistry trends associated with hybrid wine grape varieties.

· Possible wine styles that can be created using various Vitis vinifera and hybrid wines.


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