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National competencies for registered nurses in primary care: what you need to know
This webinar will introduce the national competencies developed for registered nurses (RNs) working in primary care (also known as primary care/family practice nurses). RNs in primary care function in diverse practices across the breadth of primary care services, including family practice clinics/offices and community health centres. This webinar will help you:
• Understand the key role RNs play in family practice
• Describe the current state of registered nursing in primary care across Canada
• Understand the importance of competencies that reflect the unique practice of RNs in primary care
• Apply competencies to support the professional practice of RNs in primary care across various settings (e.g., practice, education, policy)

Dec 11, 2019 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Julia Lukewich, RN, PhD
Assistant Professor @Memorial University
Julia Lukewich completed her PhD in Nursing at Queen’s University. Her program of research focuses on the integration and optimization of nursing within the primary care setting. She is the recipient of several awards, including the 2017 Council of Ontario University Programs of Nursing (COUPN) Doctoral Dissertation Award. In 2018, she assumed position of President-Elect for the Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association (CFPNA). In collaboration with the CFPNA, Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), and an expert team of researchers, Julia led the development of national family practice nursing competencies.
Treena Klassen, RN, ASMH, M.Ed
Executive Director @Palliser Primary Care Network
Treena Klassen is currently working on a Doctorate of Business from the University of Liverpool. Her thesis is focused on nursing leadership within the patient’s medical home. Treena is a busy administrator overseeing 42 family practice clinics with more than 75 nurses provide primary care. In 2018, she was elected President of the Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association (CFPNA). Treena sits on CNA’s Network Advisory Committee and is one of two elected Network Directors on the CNA Board of Directors. Treena is passionate about the work nurses provide within the primary care environment and has been privileged to be a key member of the team who has developed national family practice nursing competencies.