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Kings & Queens of Conjure Master Mind Webinar
Welcome to the Kings & Queens of Conjure Master Mind Webinar. Get hands on expert assistance, and instructions with your spiritual work. I along with special guest will mentor you, and help empower your life spiritually and magically.

Your weekly Apprenticeship is designed according to your present interests and needs. So if finances are important in your life right now, that's where we’ll begin your lessons, and build upon it going forward. Be prepared to ask questions, show your work, and discuss how you are progressing.

Your Apprenticeship is open ended, and you may stop and resume the classes as it suits your requirements.

The Kings & Queens of Conjure Master Class utilize video and audio presentations. Apprentices have the option of calling, in addition to joining the class via live video.

Registered students have an optional subscription access to the Kings and Queens of Conjure Master Mind Media library. This is so you can review and assimilate the instructions at your own pace. Additionally, your subscription allows you to download past, present and future shows as long as you remain a registered apprentice in the class.

* By participating by phone and video, you give exclusive consent for the use of your likeness in promotions without renumeration or claims of future liabilities.
Please choose only one webinar to attend.
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Christos Kioni
Bishop @Spiritualist Church Of African Tradition
Bishop and Spiritual Practitioners with over 48 years experience. Initiated Tata Nganga Palo Mayombe.