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Turandot: A Lightweight Open-Source Orchestrator That Enables TOSCA for Kubernetes
Part of the TOSCA Implementation Webinar Series

During this webinar series, leading developers and users of TOSCA agreed to share their experiences with you. They will show demonstrations of TOSCA-based systems and examples of TOSCA service templates. They’ll also explain the unique benefits of TOSCA for their application domains.

Guest Speaker: Tal Liron, Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

The first implementation shared will be on an open-source orchestrator, Turandot. At its most basic level, Turandot functions as a replacement for Helm. Service designers can use the expressivity and strict validation of TOSCA to create deployments, pods, services, and even KubeVirt virtual machines, to package them as CSAR files and publish them directly to a live cluster. But TOSCA goes beyond Kubernetes manifests in that it allows designers to create their own node types that model higher-level architecture and other custom systems, and then to add the crucial topologies that relate resources to each other (e.g. a service mesh).

Furthermore, Turandot supports some advanced TOSCA features: 1) container and virtual machine images can be packed into a CSAR file as TOSCA artifacts, which Turandot will then publish to a registry (via Reposure), allowing for entirely self-contained workloads; 2) scripts and other executables can also be packaged as TOSCA artifacts, which Turandot will then deploy to containers or virtual machines and execute as TOSCA interfaces and operations; and finally 3) service composition via policy-based TOSCA node substitution, with support for multi-cluster composition through delegation.

On the todo list are: native support for Argo cloud-native workflows; native NETCONF operations via Candice; Ansible playbooks, and more.

Bookmark < www.oasis-open.org/tosca-implementation-stories > to learn more about the series.

TOSCA is part of the OASIS Open Consortium: www.oasis-open.org.

Jan 27, 2021 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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