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Webinar: How to hunt cyber threats using deception
Threat hunting is still a relatively new concept in the world of cyber security, but already, there are a number of different approaches emerging on how best to implement a threat hunting programme.

This webinar will allow security teams, CISOs and senior management to gain a greater understanding of why a threat hunting programme will enhance your defense strategy, as well as an opportunity to discuss the practical limitations of threat hunting in today’s cyber threat landscape. We will also consider how deception technology can help overcome these limitations, and dig a little deeper into how a threat hunting programme can help reduce and manage cyber risk for mature, global operations.

What you’ll get out of this webinar:

- A better understanding of threat hunting
- An assessment of the key benefits of a threat hunting programme, as well as known limitations
- An introduction to how deception technology can be used to build an enterprise-level threat hunting programme
- Greater reassurance about how easily threat hunting and deception integrates into your existing defense in depth strategy
- A set of practical first steps towards implementation

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