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Discover What's New With CoreDX DDS!
Join Twin Oaks Computing for a Webinar on July 16th at 10am MST to learn more about your already-purchased middleware features and to hear Twin Oaks Computing’s plan for future CoreDX DDS development.

When you are busy with software development milestones, integration and testing activities, finding and fixing bugs, demonstrations and product launches... it's easy to ignore your middleware. As long as it's working, it's easy to keep using it as you've been using it, and not actively pursue new features and functionality.

In a session developed exclusively for CoreDX DDS customers, this webinar provides an overview of the CoreDX DDS features set - with a focus on newly released and upcoming capabilities.

Target Audience: This webinar targets technical audiences with CoreDX DDS experience who would like to take advantage of additional functions and features, or plan for future development efforts with CoreDX DDS.


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