Five terrifying risks you should definitely take with your B2B content


Jun 5, 2019 02:57 PM

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David McGuire
Creative Director @Radix Communications Ltd
David McGuire has built a whole career out of making boring subjects interesting. He spends his time writing engaging content for global B2B brands like Adobe, Salesforce, Mitsubishi, Danfoss, and Castrol... And when he’s not writing, he’s training and speaking. (You might also recognise him as the host of the UK’s national Copywriting Conference, or from the popular copywriting podcasts “Good Copy, Bad Copy” and “The B2B Content Audio Blog”.) David is strangely confident that nobody will read all the way to the end of this bio. And he hopes that somebody will appreciate his tee shirt in his (admittedly somewhat ancient) photo. Hello to Jason Isaacs.