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JULIE STERN on Visible Learning for Social Studies: Designing Student Learning for Conceptual Understanding
How do we maximize precious time to ensure that students grasp enough to prepare them for informed civic life? The discipline of social studies is far more than memorizing dates and facts. It involves the skillful ability to conduct investigations, analyze sources, place events in historical and cultural context, and synthesize various points of view, while recognizing our own biases. Join Julie Stern in this webinar to understand how using the right approach at the right time can maximize student learning.

Participants will learn more about the three phases of learning—surface, deep, and transfer:
• Explore which strategies work best for each phase of learning
• Examine various assessment strategies including effect size so you can measure your impact on student learning
• Discover how complexity and difficulty build fluency, stamina, and critical thinking

Apr 20, 2020 03:30 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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