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Webinar: Open Mainframe Project's Zowe LTS Release
Open Mainframe Project's Zowe, the first ever open source software framework, has announced its first active Long Term Support (LTS) release and updated Zowe Conformance Program. This webinar will explain the significance of LTS and the impact it will have on the Zowe Conformance Program, which will have new features and enhancements. Join this webinar to learn more about the Zowe LTS, the Zowe Conformance Program and how to get involved and engaged in one of the most active open source communities!

Speakers include:
- Bruce Armstrong, Member of the Zowe Leadership Committee and IBM Z Offering Manager
- Peter Fandel, Member of the Zowe Leadership Committee and Senior Director, Product Management for Rock Software
- Rose Sakach, Zowe Onboarding Squad Scrum Master and Global Product Manager, Mainframe Division for Broadcom


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