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Reclaiming African Journalism in the Public Interest
Reflecting upon the challenges facing the profession, Rhodes Universities School of Journalism and Media Studies (JMS) has dedicated the month of May to interrogate the state of journalism in Africa. The School of JMS in partnership with the multimedia website, The Journalist and the South African weekly newspaper, the Mail and Guardian hosts the panel entitled “Reclaiming African Journalism in the Public Interest”. The panel brings together leading experts to interrogate what could be done to better meet the challenges of serving the public interest on the African continent.
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Taryn De Vega
Researcher and Academic @Journalism and Media Studies Rhodes University
Taryn De Vega is a researcher an academic with the School of Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University. As aPhD candidate with the Media Policy and Democracy Project, her research interests include press freedom, media reportage, and media policy in the public interest.
Lydia Nambiru
Journalist and Editor @The Continent
Lydia Nambiru, based Ghana Africa, is the editor for The Continent. Lydia works with the open democracy project, and as an investigative and data journalist and editor. Lydia is passionate about African feminist movement building and the continent’s ebbing democracy. Lydia has worked as a journalist for Al Jazeera, the BBC, The Continent, The New York Times, Quartz Africa and Reuters.
Guy Berger
UNESCO Director for Policies and Strategies in the field of Communication and Information @UNESCO
Guy Berger leads UNESCO’s work in the United Nations Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity; indicators for UNESCO’s concept of Internet Universality, and monitoring of Sustainable Development Goal 16.10 indicators on safety of journalists, and guarantees of access to information. Within his portfolio are UNESCO’s commemorations of five international milestones each year, related to radio, press freedom, access to information, media and information literacy as well as ending impunity for crimes against journalists. He has overseen much of UNESCO’s work on disinformation, including the major study ‘Balancing Act: Countering Digital Disinformation while respecting Freedom of Expression’. He has a PhD from Rhodes University, South Africa, and has a long history of scholarship about press freedom in Africa.
Jovial Rantao
Chairperson @African Editors Forum
Jovial Rantao is a journalist, editor and chairperson of the African editors forum. Jovial has spent much of his journalistic career at The Star, where he has held the posts of deputy editor, content and executive editor, news editor, political editor and political correspondent. He has also held the post of editor of the Sunday Tribune, the editor of The Sunday Independent and founder-editor of the African Independent. He has also co-authored a book called Life and Times of Thabo Mbeki with Adrian Hadland, the former political editor of the Cape Argus. His other appointments have included chairman of the South African National Editors’ Forum and president of The African Editors’ Forum.
Kavita Chandran
Journalist and Media Trainer @Thomson Reuters Foundations
Kavita Chandran is a journalist and media trainer. Kavita has worked as an international journalist for Reuters, Bloomberg and CNBC across countries as reporter, anchor, editor and trainer for over 20 years. She is a published author and continues to write for various publications, including CNBC Asia. She currently works as a content consultant and journalism teacher based in the Singapore and the USA.